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    To impart quality cation globally in analysis, research and design knowledge based centre for innovations of Electronics and Communication Engineering, thereby providing competent Engineers to the changing needs of industry and research.




    To Become Prominent and Efficient in the area of Research and to provide our staff and students with best technology and opportunities.


    Teaching-Learning Process


    Teaching and learning techniques, if applied in an effective way gets the best out of the resources. At our institution, we believe in concept based teaching and learning through which our students not only grow in terms of technical ground but also in terms of behaviour and ethics.

    Electronics and Communication Engineering aims towards using electrical components like conductors, transistors, diodes to come up with effective systems, Circuits, VLSI devices. The students needs high quality tools and resources to get trained for future in terms of Electronics and Communication Engineering. To meet this, we,


  • Provides our students with concept learning of core subjects so that they can apply it practically.

  • Helps the students to get aware with latest trends and research challenges going on in world.

  • Encourages the students to participate in various seminars and workshops.

  • Train the students in a way so that they can solve complex problems in area of electronics and communication engineering.

  • Provides hands on experience with projects to make our students ready for real life projects and problem.

  • Encourages the students for research and innovations.

  • Provides latest resources to the students.



Name: P. Anjaiah

Qualification: M.Tech
Experience: 12 Years
Research Area: Electronics
No. Of Publications: 6 

Email Id:
Contact: 9912960702


  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

  • Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab

  • Analog Communication Lab

  • Microwave and Digital Communication Lab

  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab

  • Digital Signal Processing lab

  • Simulations Lab

  • Linear IC Applications lab


    Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

    Experiments and Purpose:

    In this course, we provide introductory information about resisters, capacitors, inductors, and also designing electronic circuits.

    Some of the main experiments includes:

  • P N junction diode characteristics

  • Zener diode Characteristics

  • Half wave and full wave rectifier characteristics

  • C E Amplifier Characteristics


    Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab

    Experiments and Purpose:

    This course helps to understand linear wave shaping circuits and non linear wave shaping circuits designing. It also gives introduction about multivibrators.

    Some of the main experiments includes:

  • Linear wave Shaping of RC Low Pass and high pass Circuit for different time constants

  • Design a Astable and Bistable Multivibrator.

  • Pulse Synchronization of An Astable circuit


    Analog Communication Lab

    Experiments and Purpose:

    This lab provides techniques to deal with communication and its challenges in real life. It helps to know about how to send particular information from one end to another.

    Some of the main experiments includes:

  • Modulation and Demodulation

  • Multiplexing and Demultiplexing

  • Encryption and Decryption


    Microwave and Digital Communication Lab

    Experiments and Purpose:

    This lab helps to know about transmission of higher frequency signals and their components. It also deals with Digital communication techniques.

    Some of the main experiments includes:

  • Gunn Diode Characteristics

  • VSWR Measurement

  • Measurement of Waveguide Parameters

  • Attenuation Measurement

  • Microwave Frequency Measurement

  • Differential Pulse Code Modulation

  • Delta Modulation


    Digital Signal Processing Lab/ Simulation Lab (Licensed MATLAB )

    Experiments and Purpose:

    In this lab, students gets hands on with simulations, analog and discrete signal processing.

    Some of the main experiments includes:

  • F I R filters Design

  • IIR filters design

  • DFT, FFT execution.



    Linear IC Applications Lab

    Experiments and Purpose:

    In this lab, students gets hands on with designing electronic circuits using integrated circuits.

    Some of the main experiments includes:

  • Adder and Subtractor using Op Amp.

  • Comparators using Op Amp.

  • Integrator Circuit using IC 741.

  • IC 565 – PLL Applications.


SNo. JNTUH Faculty Registration Number Name of the Faculty Member Designation Highest Qualification Department Photo
1 7356-160316-133849 Dr.M VENU GOPAL M.Tech , Ph.D ECE
2 2733-150413-134912 Mr.ANJAIAH POODURU M.Tech ECE
3 4250-150416-132852 Mr.SATHRI SURENDRA M.Tech ECE
4 5915-150417-093035 Mr.BHEEMANABOINA MAHESH M.Tech ECE
5 8417-150408-124958 Mrs.sunidhi uduthala M.Tech ECE
6 7267-150422-003848 Mrs. SHIRAMSHETTI MOUNICA M.Tech ECE
7 5704-150422-160124 Mr.KONAGONDA NARESH M.Tech ECE
8 1807-150426-130223 Mrs.ANITHA S RAO M.Tech ECE
9 5174-150507-145924 Mr..ADDANKI RANGA RAO M.Tech ECE
10 9279-160301-112812 Mr.GANJI VEERAIAH M.Tech ECE
11 7617-160307-111232 Mrs.bodapatla shirisha M.Tech ECE
12 1095-161215-154745 Mr.MADHUSUDAN REDDY AELIPEDDI M.Tech ECE
13 7853-170117-110123 Mr.RAJU KUNCHAL M.Tech,(Ph.D) ECE
14 9267-170119-151021 Miss. BOMMIDI SUMALATA M.Tech ECE
15 3745-170207-103108 Mr.RAMESH DARAVATH M.Tech ECE
16 1679-170209-113057 Mr.BURUGU MAHESH M.Tech ECE
17 5117-170209-181151 Miss.SHAIK SHABEENA M.Tech ECE
18 4045-180202-101534 Mr.KANDUKURI SRINIVAS M.Tech ECE
19 6344-190111-132354 Mr.BANOTH NEHRU M.Tech ECE
20 5801-190116-120639 Miss.AMARA BEGUM UMME M.Tech ECE
21 1164-190116-125209 Miss.KAMPATI SUNITHA M.Tech ECE
22 7759-190116-215724 Mrs.GEGGALAPALLY CHAITANYA M.Tech ECE
23 1311-190506-113902 Miss.NAVYA THAGIRA M.Tech ECE
24 7931-190506-135843 Miss.VARALAXMI RUDRAVARAM M.Tech ECE
25 2769-200229-125519 Dr.VEERAMANI SENTHILKUMAR M.Tech , Ph.D ECE