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To be an outstanding department devoted to provide high end research, technical education in Civil engineering which will produce socially aware professionals to provide solutions to global community.




  • To design curriculum based on changing needs of stakeholders & provide excellence in delivery & assessment to ensure holistic development of civil engineering students.

  • To enhance research & consultancy resulting in solving problems related to civil engineering infrastructure as well as society at large.

  • To mentor students in pursuit of higher education, entrepreneurship and global professionalism.


Teaching-Learning Process


Teaching and learning techniques, if applied in an effective way gets the best out of the resources. At our institution, we believe in concept based teaching and learning through which our students not only grow in terms of technical ground but also in terms of behavior and ethics.

Civil Engineering is one of the very practical based learning approaches. It is very necessary for an individual to have self competence, self learning and team worker to become a civil engineer. The students graduating in civil engineering needs practical tools and knowledge to get efficient with the subject.


 Civil Engineering Program:


  • Prepares the students with theoretical and practical knowledge both.

  • Incorporates a variety of innovative methods to make our students aware with latest technologies of civil engineering

  • Imparts not only knowledge but also provides abilities like self organization, method, social competence so that our students can work effectively in real life.

  • Encourages both faculties and students to use latest technologies and trends in civil engineering.

  • Provides real life projects work to the students to make them ready for field work and industries.



Name: B Sudhakar

Qualification: M.Tech
Experience: 10 Years

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  • Strength of Materials

  • Computer Aided Design

  • Surveying Lab-I

  • Surveying Lab-II

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab

  • Engineering Geology

  • Concrete Technology Lab

  • Geographical Information Lab

  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab

  • Soil Mechanics Lab

  • Computer Aided Drafting-II Lab


Strength of Materials

Lab’s equipments and objectives:

  • Universal Testing Machine- used for measuring compressive and tensile strengths of rods, concrete, bricks etc.

  • Flexural Testing Machine- used for testing the flexural strengths of steel, wood, concrete etc.

  • Torsion Testing Machine- used for testing the torsion and twisting of steel materials and metal wires.

  • Brinel and Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine- used to find the hardness of materials to determine the suitability of materials.

  • Spring Testing Machine- used to enable load deflection due to tension and compression forces.

  • Izod Impact Machine- used to check the changes due to sudden impact loads on materials.

  • Maxwell Theorem Appratus- used to find the deflections.

  • Electrical Resistance Gauge- used to find the gauge factor.


Computer Aided Design

Lab’s equipments and objectives:

  • AutoDesk 2016 software

  • VSI Software for Pro Design


Surveying Lab-I

Lab’s equipments and objectives:                                                                 

  • Chains- used for chain surveying

  • Compasses- used for compass survey

  • Plane Table- used for plane table surveys

  • Dumpy Level- used for Tacheometric Survey


Surveying Lab-II

Lab’s equipments and objectives:

  • Theodolites- used for performing theodolite Surveys

  • Total Station- used for performing surveys by total station.

  • GPS Machine- used for doing GPS studies of an area or a building.


Fluid Mechanics Lab

Lab’s equipments and objectives:

  • Orifice Meter- used for measuring flow rates.

  • Rectangular , Triangular and Trapezoidal Notchs – used to measure the discharge of flows.

  • Venturimeter- used to measure the rate of flow of fluids

  • Water Hammer- used to measure the pressure surges in water.

  • Pipe Fittings- used to measure the various losses and pressure surges in the water flow through pipe arrangements. 


Engineering Geology Lab

Lab’s equipments and objectives:

  • Mineral Samples- used for their identification and specimen studies.

  • Rock Samples- used for identification of various minerals in the rocks, classification of various rock samples.

SNo. JNTUH Faculty Registration Number Name of the Faculty Member Designation Highest Qualification Department Photo
1 2719-160216-140322 Mr.SUDHAKAR BONTHA M.Tech Civil
2 8498-150415-133735 Mr. BODABALLA SAI VENKATA KRISHNA M.Tech,(Ph.D) Civil
3 0878-150427-154351 Mr. PRADEEP RAJU MALLEBOINA M.Tech Civil
4 7075-151229-114710 Mrs.MUNUKUNTLA PRIYANKA M.Tech Civil
5 0905-150426-114354 Mr.M A AZEEM M.Tech(Ph.D) Civil
6 6345-170120-141436 Mrs.MISRA SUNITHA M.Tech Civil
7 9616-190107-121311 Mr. HARISH BAJANNAGARI M.Tech Civil
8 5233-200102-154007 Miss.SHIRISHA GALIGUTI M.Tech Civil
9 6743-200103-101238 Mr.RAJASHEKAR REDDY DONTHIREDDY M.Tech Civil
10 0038-200108-152440 Mr.ANKAM YADAV CHANDRAKANTH M.Tech Civil
11 3732-160313-192054 N.Anusha M.Tech CIVIL